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Custom Software development

Your business is like no other.

If you have found software that maps to the needs of your business, you are among the lucky few. Many businesses feel that much of the off-the-shelf software is built to the needs of the masses and does not offer the opportunity for you to provide a custom experience to your customers and your staff, that is unique to other businesses that may be doing very similar things in your industry.

  • Are spreadsheets getting messy, manual and preventing collaboration?
  • Have you pushed Access and Excel as far as they can possibly go?
  • Are you looking for a better way to track your business and the data it produces?
  • Doubtful that anyone can capture and understand the nuances of your business?
  • Finding yourself customizing your business to match a technology you picked?
  • Do you need customized software built to match your custom business?

The first step to custom software development is really to understand your business and your competitive edge over others in your industry. Our custom software architects and business analysts work with small- to medium- sized businesses to understand how their business currently works and what the existing pain points are that are driving the need towards customized software. Our custom software development experts work towards mapping the business processes to detailed requirements, interactive wireframes and technical specifications that become the basis for the custom software.

Your unique software can be your unique selling point.

The technology must work around your business, as opposed to your business having to work around or adjust to any inflexibilities of existing software –

…and that is the promise and opportunity of customized software that is tailored to the needs of your business.

Icreon has a diverse team of experts that can build a strong database driven custom application (custom apps) or custom business applications that are robust, scalable and database driven. We don't just build custom websites, we build customized user interfaces, customized web applications and customized mobile experiences that translate into measurable business results like reduced manual labor, increased efficiencies and the ability to do more with less.

The best part of building custom software is custom reporting.

You own the data that your business produces and you can manipulate it in any way you want to see interesting trends and patterns emerge that can influence the important decisions that have far reaching consequences for your future.

We have built a number of custom software applications for growing businesses that have touched the lives of millions. You can trust us with your custom software because you can trust us with your business.

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