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Drupal CMS Development

Without a doubt, Drupal is an immensely popular content management system(CMS) solution that is used around the world. The free, flexible and robust CMS offers many design advantages, as well as extension and collaboration with other sites such as social media that can enhance your site’s capabilities. Some of the largest and most powerful sites in the world have used customized Drupal web application development, including growing organizations, governments and major media corporations.

The Drupal Advantage

  • High quality platform
  • Scalable nature of the CMS
  • Multiple Domain Features
  • Easy to integrate with other solutions
  • Easily customized for any business model
  • Real multi-site-feature (only one installation for several sites)
  • Can run membership and community sites and not only CMS

Creating effective Drupal solutions.

If you’re looking for top Drupal developers in New York, you have come to the right place…

At Icreon, we recognize how important a CMS is managing your business processes and being independent. With Drupal we enable all sorts of businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, start-ups in customizing and managing their web presence through effect content management processes. That’s why our team of Drupal experts are ready to find the most creative and effective solutions to help your business maximize the benefits of the Drupal CMS platform.

Icreon is also a proud member of the Drupal Association, which is dedicated to helping the Drupal Community collaborate, share and build upon its successes.

Our expertise ranges from developing content driven websites to social networks, e-commerce solutions, online classifieds, mobile websites and many more, using Drupal 6. We also offer to develop custom extensions to cater to features not available in Drupal. So, what is unique about Icreon’s Drupal offerings?

Static site conversion: We can ease the process of taking data from your static site and converting it to the dynamic and flexible Drupal CMS platform.

Drupal installation: Whether you want to setup Drupal CMS onto your servers or put it on the cloud, we can perform and assist you through the process; from end to end. Also, we implement multi-site / multi-domain features through one Drupal installation.

Custom Drupal Templates Development: We listen to you to understand exactly what your business requires and then develop a customized Drupal web templates that meets your needs while providing ease of usability.

Custom Drupal Modules and Extensions: We customize and develop a wide array of Drupal modules and extensions that enhance the functionality of the Drupal CMS for your business needs.

Integration with third-party applications: We can integrate your Drupal-based system with multiple third-party applications such as Salesforce, Magento, SAP, Sage, SugarCRM, phpBB, vBulletin, and more.

Proven Drupal Development Experience & Impact.

At Icreon, we have been working on Drupal for several years now. Our ability to build CMS solutions using Drupal is unmatched and we are able to work with any type of business to create what they need. Here are a few examples of how we used Drupal to improve the web presence of our clients.

  • Improved Usability of Gaming Websites
  • Data Management and Interactive Capabilities of Online TV Guides
  • Eased Management and Added Features for Online Classifieds Sites
  • Designed Several E-commerce Applications that Improved Performance and Sales

And much more…

Whatever you are looking to accomplish with your Drupal platform, we can help. Contact the best Drupal developers in New York to find out more about how we can help you realize your business goals.

Drupal Clients

Developing a technology News Portal by Customizing Drupal: Our client was looking at creating a technology news portal, which is a one-stop point for all technology related information, latest news, articles, reviews, guides, downloads etc. We customized the Drupal open source CMS package in developing the website that allows them to organize, operate, manage and publish content to the website.

Some of the features of the solution include:

  • Customized Drupal admin module to allow various user levels and roles, to manage/administer the website.
  • A third-party discussion forum software, viz. vBulletin was integrated with the solution.
  • Registered members can either login on the website through simple login process or can be automatically logged-in through vBulletin login.
  • Implemented the RSS feeds feature allowing users to subscribe to feeds for specific topics.
  • Implemented downloads section, allowing users to download softwares for common tools and utilities.

With the successful delivery of the news portal, we provided our client with a dynamic website that they can update and manage themselves.

An online affiliate marketing gateway: A UK based company specializing in digital and direct marketing solutions, wanted to create an online gateway that would

  • Help them to streamline their affiliate marketing services;
  • Provide a platform for affiliates and merchants to directly interact with each other.

We developed a Drupal CMS based website, through which they easily could manage the affiliate gateway. The website can be accessed by three types of users, viz. Affiliates, Merchants and Administrators. Upon registration, affiliates and merchants can track their programs, sales generated through the programs and commissions.

The administrator can manage the affiliates and merchants registered with the network. However, there are different types of admins, viz Super Admin who has access over the entire affiliate gateway; Financial Managers who handles and processes all the payments; and Account Managers who manage the affiliate and merchant accounts.

A web service has been integrated to handle communication between Drupal and the database layer.

Whatever your business needs, we can develop a customized Drupal platform that will help you enhance productivity of your business. Contact us to find out how we can maximize your business’s potential with Drupal CMS!

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About Drupal

According to Drupal's own website, Drupal "is a free software package that allows anyone to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power an endless variety of sites."

Written in PHP, Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) that can be used to build and deploy dynamic websites. It is used to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications, to knowledge management systems and online communities.

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