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Customer satisfaction underlies Icreon’s approach to everything – especially the way we manage our projects and the way we work. In projects that require greater project and deadline control, and where there is more certainty of the business environment, we have used more traditional waterfall approaches of software development.

However, in larger projects and those where requirements change rapidly, we tend to adopt agile approaches towards project management and software development – and we have been successfully implementing these approaches for years now... We recognize that in such emerging situations, instead of delivering everything you could possibly want some date in the future, we use agile approaches like scrum and extreme programming to deliver software as and when it is needed.

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We understand what it means to be lean and agile at a really fundamental level. And if you asked us the reason for being able to successfully deliver numerous lean and agile solutions to our clients, the answer would simply be our ability to consistently create an environment that encourages and empowers teamwork and communication...

Seamlessly carrying through the inception of the word 'scrum', Icreon’s approach involves a whole cross-functional team going the distance as a single unit! We work as a true team, inclusive of our managers, our developers and our customers (and their customers if applicable!) organizing ourselves around the problem, working together to solve it as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

We swear by constant communication and use every form possible – phone, email, Skype, or go to meeting – you name it! We are also quick to launch and to gather feedback, from day one, all in the attempt to build a solution that is clean, simple and state of the art.

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