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Exploring Web to cater to Local Sensibilities. In 2002, the National Geographic Channel wished to cater to the local sensibilities of Nat Geo lovers across Asia and decided to explore the web as a medium for expanding their reach and to further their mission.

For this turnkey project, they were looking for a development partner -someone who could create and add value to their endeavors and develop a strong online web presence for them.


A 360-degree Web strategy. NGC is a global brand and needed a company with a global presence to support their requirements across Asia and Europe. For providing high quality services and matching global standards, Icreon called upon its large & full-time dedicated team of professionals. Also, being a development partner in the media space meant having to be available 24x7 to ensure timely updating of the website.

Icreon worked with NGC as an end to end provider; offering web hosting and maintenance services and developing and implementing creative assets like micro sites, banners, games, mailers, contests and online polls etc. for promoting programs and events, such as Earth Day, based on their business needs. Today, we also provide social media optimization services to them, thereby enabling them to feel the pulse of the public and communicate with them easily.

  • 133 countries
  • 100 million homes
  • 21 languages

With such a huge viewership, the channel challenged Icreon to develop an online experience which inspires people to care about the planet and promote environmental and historical conservation.


  • Banners
  • Event promotions
  • Games and Contests
  • Micro Sites
  • Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Web Services
  • Hosting


Media and Entertainment

Conducting a photography competition over the internet can be quite limiting. However, with Icreon’s expertise in developing a microsite, offered a lot more than just a contest participation tool. It was a destination site for holding a Photography festival. The turnaround time between briefing and its execution was quick and outstanding, especially since the language in which they developed the micrsoite was alien to the developers (Arabic). All the best to the team.

Manish Jain, Marketing Manager
NAT GEO Abu Dhabi

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