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By helping non-profits better their business, we are helping them better the world.

Icreon provides various non-profit organizations with a wide array of IT solutions — from mobile applications to CRM solutions to donor management applications to back-end enterprise systems, all catered to the needs of non-profits. We have experience providing solutions to non-profit organizations across the world, but have particular familiarity with the needs of New York-based non-profit organizations.

The average ratio of tech staff to organization staff in non-profit organizations is 1:60 (study by Nonprofit Technology Network). There is a significant opportunity for non-profits to leverage technology more effectively.

Hiring a team that has experience working with non-profits increases the chances of success of your non-profit solution, because they are more likely to understand how to work within budgets. Also, often outsourcing IT is more effective than hiring additional staff since it reduces overhead and infrastructure costs, such as payroll, healthcare, benefits, etc.

When you hire Icreon, you can rest assure that you’re getting the best expertise for your organization. At Icreon, we are able to meet the unique needs of non-profits to help their organizations work more efficiently, increase your footprint and make a larger difference.

We go the extra mile.

Whether it is a donor management system or a volunteer tracking application, we understand that building a solution does not guarantee its success. Therefore, bringing on an Icreon team to work with your non profit means you are signing on an enthusiastic team of experts who are passionate about making sure that the solution is the right one and that it works for your organization – time and time again.

At Icreon, we drink the Kool-Aid. We believe in the cause and don’t hesitate to participate. NYRR is a valued client of Icreon, and the Icreon team has run various races and marathon to make sure we understand the customer and can better build solutions that work for them.

We have worked with entrepreneurs who are working towards building platforms to enable social causes as well as some of the most prestigious non-profit organizations in the world including New York Road Runners (NYRR), the Robin Hood Foundation and the ILO. We focus on providing services to New York based not-for-profits because we believe in the mission of our clients. By helping them better their business, we are helping them better the world.

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" I LOVE the new NYRR website – my favorite feature is how you can see the status of the races as they fill up. It helps me know when I need to make a quick decision and when I can afford to procrastinate… "

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