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Icreon is not your typical company. And what differentiates us from our competitors, is our people.

From Microsoft Certified professionals to Open Source gurus, our people are experts at what they do and have unparalleled problem solving skills, topped with a thorough understanding of the recent trends in the industry. Icreon is an international community of diverse professionals who are unified in their passion of using technology to achieve results, deliver value and pursue greatness.

Icreon’s entrepreneurial spirit is a manifestation of the innovation and creativity with which our people approach problems and seek solutions. We have evolved along with the businesses and the needs of our customers, doing whatever it takes to foster an on-going relationship and to transform our projects into long-term partnerships.

Our most precious asset is our people, who sound just as enthusiastic during a 3am. conference call if required –

they will do what it takes to be truly global, working across time zones, stereotypes and boundaries of any kind!

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