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SnagFilms offers a broad collection of critically-acclaimed independent movies that can be watched for free on the web – movies that connect with their audiences with thought-provoking themes, motifs, and messages.

With thousands of films in its database and the growing importance of capturing a mobile-driven audience, Snagfilms knew it was imperative to have a presence on the iOS platform. With the massive userbase of the iPhone and the growing dominance of the iPad in the tablet market, it was crucial to create a compelling service for the most popular mobile devices in the industry.

However, SnagFilms value is about much more than just the films themselves. The films are solely a means to asking “What’s next?” They inspire thought, curiosity, conversation, and seek to push every viewer to learn more, act more, and engage more.

For this reason, it was insufficient to solely create video streaming applications for both devices. Rather, it was necessary to create a platform that would allow audiences to connect with each other and easily access related information to inform their opinions.


Icreon built custom iPhone and iPad apps for SnagFilms that allows users to connect to the service using their iOS devices. In addition to being able to stream hundreds of movies from the library over WiFi or cellular connection, the app provides a wide variety of features including the ability to browse through the latest featured films. The app conveniently categorizes all content for easy access to all movies in a particular subject.

The app also directly integrates with Facebook Connect, which serves dual purposes. By utilizing Facebook authentication, SnagFilms for iOS allows a user to save movies and watch previously queued movies without having to create a separate username and password for the site. More importantly however, it allows users to connect over films - commenting, conversing, and collaborating over the topics present within SnagFilms’ library.

In addition to the robust social networking capabilities of the apps, Icreon also modeled a unique discovery engine. This function makes the process of finding related media simple, providing audiences with smart recommendations for films and simultaneously increasing the stickiness of the SnagFilms app for users.

Aside from the functionality within the app, Icreon also created a set of custom controls to distinguish itself from all the other look-a-like apps in the iTunes Store. Using a combination of swipes, flicks, and gestures, SnagFilms for iOS makes it easy to see related information, view cast and crew credits, comment on films - all without pausing a single second of the show.


  • Design and UI
  • Dynamic Prototyping
  • iPad application development
  • iPhone development


  • Objective C

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