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User interface design

It starts and ends with The Users.

Your software, your product, your website and your mobile app are only as good as the users say that it is. With multiple digital experiences competing for access to and the attention of your customers, your app is fighting against the odds. Digital consumers are demanding, have a short attention span and will not give you a second chance.

  • Trying to get your business on mobile devices successfully?
  • Building a web platform "webplication" that will need to engage users?
  • Struggling to get your users to use the software or apps you've built?
  • Finally convinced that even internal applications should be attractive to use?
  • Looking to build and execute a digital experience strategy for your brand?
As a certain user experience (UX) becomes the baseline for digital consumers world over, technologies and tools are rapidly evolving to ensure we can meet these user interface and user experience (UI / UX) needs in the enterprise and consumer, web and mobile, and various cloud-based software applications we build.

To build an effective user interface and user experience, you need to understand your users in a way that is instinctive, psychological and emotional. To maximize chances of user adoption, you must understand the behavior and tendencies of your users, their needs that remain unmet and the gaps in the market place. Expert user interface and user experience designers are really scientists and even the creative process always starts with research and data analysis.

Interaction design is a verb.

Our expert interaction designers work in cross-functional teams consisting of the best information architects and top technologists to sketch system architecture, use cases and workflows. Through quantitative research and brainstorming meetings, wireframes and rapid prototypes, testing and iterations, we build products that evolve over time. Successful user interface and user experience design is a journey of discovering your customers and ensuring that your technology is also living, breathing and learning.

At Icreon, our visual designers, interaction designers, user interface designers and user experience designers are committed to building amazing products. Apps that will - be used by the users they were built for, change how your stakeholders fundamentally interact with your business and influence how the world perceives your brand.

Get in touch with our expert interaction designers if you are looking at more than just building a web or mobile app. It's about building an overarching digital experience that will bring multiple apps to life.

If you have a design team in house and are specifically interested in our mobile application development capabilities, click here.

If you are in the process of building a SaaS based consumer or enterprise software product and want to learn more about our experience, click here.

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"NetTexts successful adoption in schools across the country can be significantly attributed to the user interface that made it so natural and easy for teachers and students to use the app and make it their own so quickly."


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