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It is a competitive world. The first release or the version 1.0 of your solution must pack a punch. More often than not, startups and new ventures have only one chance to prove themselves and a great first impression coupled with a quality product is often the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful venture.

  • Do you have an idea that you are itching to build and launch?
  • Are you trying to get the most mileage out of your limited budget?
  • Are you a successful, serial entrepreneur, gearing up to build your next revolutionary product?
  • Is yours a later stage start up that you need to take to the next level– with a robust and scalable solution?
  • Are you on the lookout for a technology partner who will offer expert suggestions and counter arguments as opposed to a vendor who will just follow instructions?
At Icreon, we design our solutions keeping in mind the unique nature of startups. We are aware that you might not have all the answers. This is where the knowledge and experience of our experts comes in.

We can guide you and provide valuable recommendations and insights into aspects not thought of before. We will work closely with you to understand your business requirements; to help us conceptualize a solution tailored to your unique needs. With a wealth of experience behind us, we at Icreon will help support your idea to launch a successful venture.

In the last decade, Icreon has worked with start-ups that have grown to become very profitable medium sized companies, as well as some start-ups that were built to sell. We believe that our success is contingent on yours, and thus invest the time to understand your goals and strategy. As a part of Version1.0, we can even build to budget.

We use lean and agile techniques so that the product is modular and our processes are adaptive. We believe that the business model for many start-ups is an evolutionary product and we believe in short iterative development cycles that can capture and respond to user feedback.

Stay lean and agile.

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"From our very first conversation to product road mapping to today… I consider myself very fortunate to have signed on with you and team Icreon."

William Deluca
Entrepreneur, Ying Yang

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