Building Products through Agile Engineering

Icreon works with ASTM to strategize, build & maintain the member ecosystems for one of the world's largest standards' organizations

the organization

ASTM International is an international standards organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus technical standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. A consortium of 30,000+ scientists, researchers & academics volunteer their time to maintain over 12,000 standards across a number of industries. From cement and concrete to oil and plastics, ASTM manages standards across the products & materials that every single person in the world relies on a daily basis.

At its core, ASTM is a connective organization; it enables professionals within an industry to communicate and connect with each other, all for the purposes of enabling the development of standards to be developed. Standards like how tough concrete should be, how efficient oil should be, how flammable beds should be, so on and so forth.

As a company, they notoriously hide in plain sight, yet are seemingly everywhere. Crayola crayons? ASTM standards-compliant. Graco baby-cribs? ASTM standards-compliant. Saran-wrap? ASTM standards-compliant. Chances are, you're currently wearing something that's ASTM standards-compliant, sitting on a chair that also happens to be ASTM standards-compliant, which is resting on a floor whose materials are ASTM standards-compliant.

the challenge

When ASTM first came to Icreon, the initial challenge was a simple statement: build digital products that enable & empower our professional community in a way that's fast, scalable & future-proof.

With that challenge at hand, Icreon and ASTM inventoried the current state. There are over a dozen different industries that the organization caters to. There are tens of thousands of standards that have to be reviewed, maintained & updated on an ongoing basis. Professionals needs to be able to access their ASTM-publications immediately and easily. And as a member-driven organization, the process of being a member, from signing-up to engaging with other members to enrolling their entire organization onto the ASTM ecosystem - it all has to be extremely easy.

Let's Get Started

What's the best way to enable dozens of verticals and industries to all find common ways to building products with baseline levels of quality? This type of know-how saves thousands of lives everyday by making sure the consumers are buying safe-to-use products

Tools & Platforms
the solution

Over the last two years, ASTM and Icreon have embarked on a long road towards digital transformation through agile product strategy, user experience design & application engineering. Our teams have worked together in a global capacity, working across geographies, timezones & product stacks to develop tools and architecture that set up the organization for future impact. Given the success of the relationship, we've been able to partner on a number of initiatives together, working to build out digital products that enable IT, marketing & operations to work in tandem to engage, galvanized & connect its' 30k+ community.

A Micro-services Architecture

Our global engineering team works closely with ASTM technology leaders to define the future of the digital ecosystem by first evaluating how data flows in and out of the business. From analyzing memberships, orders, subscriptions & a number of other entities - we co-created an architected platform known as the "Real-Time Data Exchange" or RTDX for short. RTDX is a complex network of services that connect various systems, messages & alerts from all ASTM digital properties. It's fluid, so as new properties pop up within the ecosystem, they can easily plug into the RTDX network. And because it's built atop Azure cloud, we're able to scale up the RTDX network on-demand as data ebbs and flows from one ASTM system to another.

A Suite of Member-centric Products

In addition, we've collaborated on enabling better tools that connect members together. The organization has a wide suite of capabilities from providing training and certifications to professionals in various industries to providing tools and technologies around standards-voting and balloting. To enable the various activities, we've worked together on maintaining existing platforms that enable members to stay connected to the ASTM community at large, renew their memberships & connect with like-minded professionals in the form of committees.

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