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the organization

Headquartered in Paris, AXA XL is a global leader in insurance, financial services and investment management and one of the largest insurance companies in the world. The AXA Group is a conglomerate of companies and subsidiaries that operate in Western Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. For an international conglomerate that has an extensive global presence, they needed to find the right partner who had the capacity and expertise to manage the global footprint of the large conglomerate, and the creativity to deliver a world-class digital experience. Fortunately, Icreon was there to help.

the challenge

When AXA XL and Icreon began working together, the primary focus was on reinventing and re-imagining AXA’s digital presence. Icreon’s main goal for this digital initiative was identifying the most optimal way of structuring the global and regional footprint across AXA’s website with strategic workflow governance.

For a company like AXA XL, a consistent and modern brand presence was especially important. One of the challenges was creating a unique digital presence that catered to different types of people from diverse backgrounds in different countries. Icreon’s solutions experts went to work building responsive designs on web, mobile, and tablet using AXA’s existing Sitecore platform.

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the solution

Icreon personalized AXA’s web properties so that it catered to multiple user personas such as brokers and large clients. Icreon’s digital initiative also included a new content strategy involving analyzing more than 5,000 pages of site content to create a more contemporary and user-friendly resource.

The new and improved AXA XL site was designed and structured so that it employed a story-telling model rather than a purely transactional structure. Icreon created a content narrative within the AXA XL site which spoke to all types of site visitors. Guiding users of different personas along different journeys was one of the unique challenges solved by Icreon’s in-house engineers and solutions experts.

Another key focus was improving the UI and UX of the site. Icreon’s expert design team created hundreds of mockups and wireframes before redeveloping AXA’s site navigation, hierarchy and organization to make it more intuitive across product and industry offerings throughout the site.

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