Case Study: David Zwirner - Disruption through Automation

Taking manual processes and automating them through Technology so David Zwirner can focus on what matters - Customers.

the organization

David Zwirner is an American contemporary art gallery owned by David Zwirner. With spaces located throughout the globe - New York City, London, and Hong Kong - the gallery is the 2nd largest of its kind. As a premium gallery with a very sophisticated target audience David Zwirner reached out to work with Icreon to build their digital experiences & transform the art industry through the means of automated operations.

the challenge

David Zwirner had multiple challenges that were both operational and customer experience oriented. From a customer experience perspective the industry is seeing a shift in how art work is viewed, discussed, negotiated, and how relationships are tracked and formed. This shift is due to the insertion of technologies and as the target audience shifts to a younger demographic the way buyers want to purchase art is changing. While this is known - systems need to be developed to enable different experiences for different types of customers.

The challenge for David Zwirner is how to keep operations and business continuity and growth while at the same time changing People, Process, and Technology.

The question on everyone's minds is "Can you sell a $5,000,000 original piece" leveraging only Digital Channels?

Tools & Platforms
the solution

Icreon started the project by assessing David Zwirner's teams, skills, and understanding gaps in their internal processes. From this assessment, Icreon was able to prescribe a different set of solutions. For example, sales individuals would have to send one offer at a time out to clients, and on big shows - this could take almost 120 hours to get through one individuals sales list. Icreon automated this process through technology and now enabled the organization to send out 300+ personalized offers with a flip of a switch. Icreon built out two teams for David Zwirner. A team focused on the operations and a team focused on customer experiences. These teams have been building solutions such as: Content Management Systems, Business Intelligence, 360 degree view of the customer, Inventory Management, Digital Asset Management, and a home grown Customer Relationship Management system.

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