Harry Winston: Luxury Marketing through Agile Digital Campaigns

Creating the next generation of digital experiences for the world's most iconic diamond & timepiece maker

the organization

Few jewelry brands have such an illustrious history as the House of Harry Winston. Founded in New York City in 1932, by Mr. Harry Winston – the brand continues to set the standard for the ultimate in fine jewelry and high-end watchmaking.

From the acquisition of some of the world's most famous gemstones, including the Jonker, Hope, and Winston Legacy Diamonds, to generations of famous faces, from Hollywood legends to international Heads of State, for over eight decades, the Harry Winston name has been synonymous with the best that there is.

Today, the House of Harry Winston continues its tradition of creativity, rarity, and quality without compromise in its retail salons around the world, including New York, London, Paris, Geneva, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

the challenge

Harry Winston designs some the world's most iconic diamond jewelry and some of the most stunning timepieces in the world. We were asked by their marketing team to better tell the story of their world-class products through their digital ecosystem.

In a day-and-age in which digital marketing needs to move at the speed of the customer, the brand wanted to figure out better ways to manage their digital campaigns faster and more effectively. They also aimed to interpret those campaigns through better utilization of reports, analytics and data visualization. And most importantly, they wanted to enable their iconic, physical salons to be armed with enough intelligence about their customers and prospects to enable the best possible retail experience.

Building seasonal campaigns that tangible drive higher sales requires careful coordination between marketing, sales & creative

the solution

Harry Winston and Icreon have partnered with each other in an ongoing digital experience transformation initiative. Together, we've re-thought the way luxury digital marketing can work for high-end exclusive brands. We've taken a distinctly 'campaign-based' approach in terms of launching new features and experiences. Because the brand works on a seasonal calendar, our development teams work alongside Harry Winston's digital content marketing, campaigning & design teams iteratively.

As new campaigns are built by the digital marketing teams, our agile product teams kick into high gear to do a number of activities. We've enabled a rapid review of new strategies for product launches which evaluates the launch themes & user experiences. From there, our teams work on feasibility and iterations so that we can go through agile sprints to building out campaigns in real-time. Our Drupal development teams (which is the current digital experience platform) have built a number of abstracted templates and integrated with various marketing & analytics modules to decrease the marketing teams time to launch, and has resulted in a more iterative process of launching campaigns, measuring effectiveness, and appropriate pivoting time & resources in filling the top of their prospect funnel across the globe.


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