Case Study: SiteCompli

A scalable compliance monitoring platform for the real estate sector to simplify data management across disparate sources of information

the organization

SiteCompli is the market leader in corporate real-estate compliance, protecting more than 70% of all New York corporate real estate groups. An ISV founded in 2008, the business provides a series of business intelligence, dashboarding & risk-management tools to the likes of Tishman Speyer, Cusham & Wakefield, Douglas Elliman, CBRE, and more.

the challenge

New York City has a stringent and complicated compliance environment. Property owners and managers have a tough task tracking and monitoring compliances, violations, due dates and changes in rules and regulations - often leading to monetary losses in terms of penalties to be paid.  SiteCompli was looking to develop a breakthrough technology that would aggregate and analyze compliance data to provide insightful reports and timely alerts.

Let's Get Started

Over the last several years, we've worked along SiteCompli creating a scalable design that leverages multiple platforms, all that are bound by a single architectural pattern. This services-based approach has allowed the company to abstract its business logic to meet the needs within several industries.

Tools & Platforms
the solution

SiteCompli partnered with Icreon to identify the core software architecture and strategy for building out the most comprehensive suite of compliance, data mining & visualization tools for the real-estate industry. Through automated scraping and aggregating of compliance information across multiple government websites, the solution provides a one-stop-shop for all compliance monitoring activities – dates, violations and changes to regulations.

In conjunction with senior technology leadership, our roadmapping has led to the business' ability to absorb and leverage the IP development from companies that it has acquired with minimal overhead required.  Today, using the concept of 'operations' & 'innovations' teams, we continue to engineer enhancements into the technology that invest into both the companies short and long-term technology vision.

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