Starting Point Services for Children

An enterprise scheduling system to help New York students and providers better connect

the organization

Starting Point Services for Children (SPSFC) is a not-for-profit organization that offers special education and other related services to pre-school children with special needs. Since their inception in 1995, Starting Point have helped thousands of children with developmental disabilities through their specialized programs and services. Based in New York, Starting Point is counted amongst the largest providers in America.

the challenge

With thousands of students, hundreds of providers & dozens of staff distributed across New York City, it's highly challenging to orchestrate physical tutoring sessions consistently. Missed sessions, delayed trains, students falling sick - all can easily ruin a delicate equilibrium that ensures providers and students meet for their federally-mandated education sessions.

An intuitive scheduling platform to connect students with providers

SPSFC was looking for a partner that could strategically work with them to understand the nuances of managing confidential student information, while at the same time, not bog them down with systems that weren't flexible for future demands

the solution

Working closely with Starting Point to gain a better sense of the daily operations, Icreon developed a web based case management system that allows Starting Point to schedule, manage and monitor activities, across their network, with ease.

At the heart of the solution is the scheduling engine that allows student sessions to be scheduled and tracked with ease. With highly complex scheduling rules in place, the system matches providers with students and ensures that the federal mandated hours are being accounted for. Provider schedules are shared with supervisors allowing for effective monitoring.

With comprehensive reporting and audit-logging capabilities the solution enables Starting Point to evaluate provider effectiveness, student growth, and overall trends to help make better informed decisions about the overall program direction.

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