Ferrari road cars are a symbol of speed, luxury, and wealth. Founded by Enzo Ferrari, the brand has been at the forefront of producing luxury sports cars since 1947. What started as a sponsorship to individual sports car drivers, is now a billion dollar company manufacturing the world’s most prestigious street-legal race cars.

The Challenge

Ferrarri’s current communication system wasn’t under their control, and licensing fees were beginning to cause a problem. They sought a technology partner that could build a new system that would allow for more effective

communication channels between Headquarters and individual dealers. Specifically, they wanted a platform where they could broadcast news, events, and communications as well as send out notifications and emails on a large scale.

The Analysis

Icreon and senior leaders of the IT team at Ferrari went through extensive brainstorming and protoyping sessions to develop the requirements of the project. In order to develop the new system, Icreon would have to

migrate the existing system to a customized Drupal backend. With the system built as a custom extranet, individual dealers have controlled access to post events, news, amongst many other bulletin related items.

NYRR Web Development
NYRR Software Development
A completely customized backend that enables Ferrari Headquarters and independent dealers to effectively communicate on news, quotes, pricing option sets and more.
Using Drupal as a base, the advanced web application is built using the latest in HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. Dealers, sales, and marketing teams across the country have controlled
access to post updates in the form of news, events, and others. The admin backend system enables HQ to manage dealers, regions, and get final price quotes using a calculated system built within.
  • Drupal Backend
  • MySQL Database
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
Key Features
  • Car Calculator

    Dealers can get quick pricing estimates on car parts and option sets with real time information and quotes.

  • Single Sign-On

    Users can sign into the backend from a variety of devices using the same username, password, and credentials to access all portals.

  • News and Bulletins

    A repository of all documents, dealers can post news and bulletins on marketing, sales, and all financial services.

  • User Management

    Admins can easily manage individual dealers, regions, and staff all from a single location.