Icreon Unlocks Member Value through Digital Strategy

Create tighter relationships with their constituents by engaging more effectively through digital means

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Icreon works with member-centric organizations & associations that are passionate about driving value to their members & constituents. We work with senior marketing, development & program leaders at Associations to drive transformation of the customer experience.

Today's modern association competes with an increasing number of third-parties, from even more niche-associations to freely available forums to the plethora of research & information available publicly. Gone are the days where associations had a monopoly on their consituents' share of mind (and share of wallet)

At Icreon, we've worked with a number of associations to re-strategize their member-facing experiences and have helped them create tighter relationships with their constituents by engaging more effectively through digital means

Tactics & Execution

We have done this through a variety of means, but it all start at the top. Digital is transforming the way associations monetize their constituency, advertise to new potential constituents, and empower their staff to serve constituents. Because of this, we have a variety of methods we undertake to help enable our clients:Digital Association Roadmapping - a process where by Icreon's senior team works with executives within an association to understand and map out goals and objectives for the association in the short-, mid-, and long-term to ultimately plan out an effective digital & platform strategy to surpass those goals.

Digital Constituent Experience Strategy - which involves breaking down detailed constituent segments and identifying the right constituent journeys and pathways to take them down.

Constituent Data & Analytics Assessments - which enables management teams at associations to take better control of their future growth plans by understanding their most 'profitable' and worthwhile areas to invest in through the use of advanced reporting, dashboards & analytics.

Digital Experience Development - which executes on the most pressing digital needs of an organization, from building out new member portals, managing member subscriptions through Ecommerce & enabling association operations run smoothly. These would be typical tasks that legacy AMS's haven't been able to keep up with

Client Information

Our team members have worked with a number of associations & member-based organizations to achieve true digital transformation:

Major League Baseball Players Association - we engaged with Executive Management, Operations & IT to create a 360 degree view of the constituent, with tools to enable visibility into constituent lifetime value, and opportunities to provide added services

American Geophysical Union - we partnered with Executive Management and the Marketing & Development team to rebuild the flagship AGU presence for over 60,000 members, with a suite of new tools to empower members to share their research more easily

ASTM International - we worked with senior Technology & Finance leaders at the organization to re-imagine the complete member experience and build out a digital roadmap to stay ahead as a digital innovator

New York Road Runners - we partnered with the New York City Marathon's executive team to identify digital gaps and build out comprehensive technology that unifies the business and generate over $70m in Ecommerce revenue a year

Construction Skills Certification Scheme - we engaged with the UKs largest consortium of Construction Skills labor to rethink the manual, outdated & largely inefficient process of creating and managing millions of workers' construction permits

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