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Working with businesses to reduce the dependency on unnecessary technologies, and providing clear paths to simplifying digital ecosystems.

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It's common for organizations to use multiple software systems to handle certain tasks – whether it's for managing finances, customer relationships, operations, or marketing functions. However, it's also common for these systems to eventually overlap with each other, not integrate perfectly, and cause confusion amongst employees about which softwares are used when.

These scenarios are costly, both financially and from an efficiency standpoint. At Icreon, we have Consolidation strategies to help reduce the dependency on unnecessary technologies, and give you clear paths to simplifying your ecosystem. We build risk and cost models that identify the long-term gains from minimizing the number of systems your company uses to help you executing in ultimately reducing your software footprint.

The Future in Technology Consolidation

The path to consolidation is mired in political, organizational, and technological challenges. Because of this, it's easier to use a a series of intelligence services and infrastructure that link together loosely. Digital Consolidation is more about creating two core architectures: "Customer Data Infrastructure" & "Employee Data Infrastructure", both of which are able to connect legacy platforms, commercial-off-the-shelf platforms & newly built platforms with minimal lock-in and siloization.

How to Consolidate your Digital and Technical Debt Effectively

Whether it's a marketing, sales or operational project, reducing and consolidating a number of legacy technologies is never easy. Ripping and replacing platforms is usually a poor way to approach these initiatives. Rather, a more tempered approach that obtains executive buy-in and has the time and effort to evaluate long-term TCO is usually a safer approach to eventually reducing an organization's technical debt. This is the biggest differentiator between our technology consolidation initiatives and competitors.

With such large investments on the line, we expect and demand that the necessary CxOs are available to work on evaluating how they imagine their digital ecosystem enabling their business operation. And because we believe that every business is a digital business, this expectation is often what saves an organization from repeatedly incurring sunken investments in trying to simplify their technology footprint while maximizing their digital imprint.

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Here are major principles of any consolidation exercise Icreon conducts with its clients & partners

Thoughts and Considerations


Integrating multiple platforms that hide the stitches between each to ultimately reduce learning periods


Leveraging the latest in software architecture and cloud technologies to mitigate technology obsolescence


Creating experiences that can easily play-nice with other cloud- and legacy platforms under the hood


Utilizing best-practices to ensure platforms serve business needs across a number of different departments


Composing systems and experiences that are quantitatively validated by tying them to revenue generation


Enabling more of the business to focus on strategic endeavors while allowing systems to automate tasks


Tools and Platforms that enable organizations to become leaner, yet more effective in their digital strategies

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