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Icreon: Made in New York

Icreon is a digital innovation agency headquartered in New York City, working with local businesses and organizations to strategize and implement ambitious digital initiatives. Founded in 2000, Icreon has worked with some of the most iconic companies in Gotham City to deliver on robust digital solutions:

Experts Across the Development Spectrum

Icreon employs software architects, product managers, and global developers who are experts across software platforms — Java, Microsoft (.NET), Open Source (Python & PHP) and front-end stacks (Angular & React). This breadth of digital expertise positions Icreon as an ideal development partner for organizations aiming to build a next-gen, software-driven business.

And while there are a number of technologies and frameworks we support, Icreon's development teams pride themselves on being objective and pragmatic in technology selections. Today, because there is so much diversity in the tech tool space, a critical aspect of developing software is knowing what NOT to utilize — and forgoing tech fads that would likely only serve a client for the short term.

The New York Marathon: Powered by Icreon

The NYC Marathon can never get any larger than 50,000 runners; it’s a limit set by the city. New York Road Runners (NYRR), the host of the iconic race, asked Icreon if it were possible to grow without increasing race capacity. Our data science team realized that, for most runners, the NYC Marathon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience — one that tourists, casual participants, and families wanted to memorialize.

Understanding this customer sentiment enabled NYRR to rethink their marathon eCommerce strategy. In tandem, our teams reimagined a customer experience that promoted collective sales of merchandise, training packages, and equipment. The resulting experience dramatically grew unit-sale averages and created a more seamless customer purchase experience when signing up for the international event.

Over 50,000 runners can’t wait — and neither can the solution — that supports the largest marathon in the world. Their website needed to support sustained visitors equaling 7 BILLION per year from when the runners’ bibs were handed out, until the last athlete crossed the finish line. Our team is always up for a challenge and over ten years later, our relationship with NYRR is still going strong, with customer retention and satisfaction as our number one priority.


XPO Logistics: Powering Amazon Prime's Delivery Service

The world’s biggest brands, from Amazon to IKEA to Home Depot, rely on XPO Logistics to provide world-class supply chain management services to their end-users. XPO Logistics relies on Icreon to anticipate trends in the last-mile logistics space and transform that opportunity into digital products that can be utilized by hundreds of thousands of contract carriers.

Icreon started working with XPO Logistics post-acquisition of UX Logistics. As a $19 billion, Fortune 500 conglomerate, XPO was struggling with the ability to connect service lines from last-mile to warehousing to freight. The net effect was the lack of a single-pane-of-glass view into XPO corporate customer relationships across multiple service lines. Having a strong client foundation already in place, Icreon proposed utilizing a platform it developed and customized for UXL during a prior engagement.

Our platform acted as a "universal connector" capable of transferring and interpreting data from disparate XPO service lines and customers. The end result was the ability to adaptively interconnect operations — and scale the business — without constantly needing to re-invent the wheel.


Icreon is a digital innovation agency focused on transforming customer experiences and automating operations for clients around the world. Founded in 2000, Icreon works with non-profits and associations, mid-market companies, and Fortune 500 brands across all industries. Icreon reimagines clients’ technology ecosystems from top to bottom, front-end to back-end, ushering in a new era of digital maturity. An award-winning digital transformation partner, Icreon is headquartered in New York City, with offices around the globe in D.C., Philadelphia, London, New Delhi, and Pune.

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