FOX Movies

Fox Movies is a global unit of News Corp that delivers premium movies and television content in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It works with 20th Century Fox, Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers, and Paramount Studios to deliver high-quality movies and television series to the over 250MM+ homeowners that are in its audience. They needed a mobile experience that was a cut above the rest.

FOX Tablet App
The Challenge

Icreon and Fox have worked together for multiple years developing enterprise solutions, from security enterprise content management to complex business automation tools. This time around, Fox wanted to jump into a new medium: the mobile smartphone and tablet space.

To better engage with users, Fox was looking to take advantage of the "Second Screen" Experience – a new phenomenon where TV watchers are using their smartphones and tablets in conjunction with watching broadcast media.

The Analysis

Icreon studied the "second screen" experience and worked with the Fox team to deliver a new concept – the TV Companion. From the get-go, we architected a solution that would allow iPhone,

iPad and Android users a way to get the latest information about their favorite shows, set calendar reminders for new episodes, learn about upcoming FOX series, and get access to exclusive content.

FOX Mobile App
FOX Mobile Application
FOX Tablet Application
Bold and Beautiful Imagery: The front page of the app shows the daily lineup of TV shows and movies, with the feature content front and center.
Icreon developed multiple versions of the application for different OSes. We developed a native Android tablet and smartphone app in Java, in addition to iPad and iPhone apps in Objective C. The content that comes from the app is served by an
API we developed that connects to FOX’s proprietary CMS. To authenticate users, we've integrated Facebook Connect and OAuth for Twitter, which also allows users to be socially connected to other viewers as well.
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Java
  • iOS Certified
Key Features
  • Socially Connected

    The app connects with Facebook Connect and Twitter OAuth to allow users to sync content over devices and post to social networks.

  • Multi-lingual

    With a wide variety of users accessing the app, we've utilized a multi-lingual architecture so that the app can display content in English or Arabic.

  • Easily Updated

    A scalable API allows us to access a dynamic content management system that we use to update apps in real-time, as show schedules change daily.

  • At the Ready

    The app integrates with iOS and Android notification systems so that users can create single or recurring reminders for their favorite shows.

Separate iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, Android Phone apps
The app rating after hundreds of positive reviews from fans
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