H&K International is amongst the leading manufacturers and suppliers of kitchen equipment for the food service industry. H&K has a global footprint with operations in several countries including USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Spain and Mexico. Several leading restaurant chains such as McDonald’s and Subway rely on H&K to support their equipment manufacturing needs.

Our Work

Icreon worked with H&K to create a real-time B2B eCommerce platform equipped with features such as online ordering, recurring subscriptions and multi-tenanted purchasing capabilities. In order to create

true real-time sales transactions, Icreon conducted a large-scale data extraction from H&K's legacy ERP to seamlessly integrate with the newly built eCommerce platform.

Legacy Software Modernization

H&K has an extensive ERP to manage global operations that runs on DB2. In order to truly build a real-time Commerce platform, we developed a complex middleware agent that could

transfer, transform and translate data from DB2 into a SQL-based web application, pushing data seamlessly between H&K’s legacy system into it's newer platform.

B2B eCommerce App Development
To help customers like McDonald's, Subway & IKEA order kitchen equipment more easily, Icreon build an enterprise Commerce platform. The system allows hundreds of different franchises from the same company to place their product orders. It supports recurring billing models,
offline payment mechanisms & a robust product inventory module. Most interestingly, the application supports a 3D "Exploded View" feature that allows customers to see every individual part of a product so that they can order individual pieces of a SKU from H&K.
  • IBM DB2 Database
  • .NET Certified
  • iOS Applications