Net Texts

Net Texts is an education startup that began in 2011. The company is collectively built of multiple technology stacks, all designed to make it easier for the 21st century student to access a better digital education. To date, Net Texts has worked with hundreds of schools, thousands of teachers, tens of thousands of students, and hundreds of thousands of educational assets.

Net Texts Tablet App
The Challenge

Net Texts came to Icreon in 2011 to build the company's technology from the ground up. The company cofounders wanted a way for teachers to build their own textbooks, using a variety of free educational information, into beautiful digital textbooks.

The textbook industry is an multi-billion dollar industry that is monopolized by a few companies. Together with Net Texts, we sought to build out a platform that teachers could use to distribute educational content across tablets, smartphones, laptops, and the web.

The Analysis

From the outset, we worked with Net Texts at a grassroots level. From working with the company, to taking surveys from teachers, to iterating on designs with actual students, we focused on making sure that the features

we were planning were actually relevant to the people using them. This ultimately helped us ensure that the technology platforms we built were built 100% around the needs and capabilities of Net Texts biggest customers – schools themselves.

Net Texts Mobile App Development
Net Texts Tablet App Development
Net Texts App Development
Collections of courses that are full of material from elementary schools to collegiate classrooms are combined with beautifully informative charts that show teachers the most shared and most popular course material within the system.
Net Texts is built and maintained on a .NET backend. Over time, the company has continued to add more mobile devices– first a client iPad app (Objective C), then an Android tablet app (Java), and most recently, a Chrome app (HTML5).
Each client app speaks with the backend through a RESTful JSON-based web service. Multiple levels of failover and redundancy are in place via object-level caching through AppFabric.
  • RESTful API
  • HTML5
  • Java
  • iOS Certified
  • .NET Certified
Key Features
  • Content Playback

    Net Texts apps all have a robust set of functionalities to view and edit content such as documents, slideshows, videos, interactive tests, and web links.

  • Offline Mode

    Courses that are used on Net Texts are automatically stored on mobile devices so that students can use the educational material regardless of connectivity.

  • Delta Downloads

    When students download updates for courses, only new information is downloaded to save on time, bandwidth, and data costs for schools.

  • Universal Sync

    Net Texts apps have sign on functionalities that allow a student to sync course data across iPads, Android tablets, PCs & Chromebooks.

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teachers using it with their students
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