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Tomorrow's experiences with Azure AI and Cognitive Services

Using the capabilities of AIs to turn prospects into customers & customers into ambassadors

What gets created when you take a typical digital experience and infuse it with Artificial Intelligence? Ideally, delight.

what we do

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with Microsoft to build the next generation of customer and employee experience. We have done this by building out what we call ‘cognitive apps’ for our customers. So what is a ‘cognitive app’?

A cognitive app is one that leverages artificial intelligence to do things that your basic databases and customer apps don’t do. At Icreon, cognitive apps automatically tag images your customer and employees upload. They let people speak normally, for example: “Show me last month’s sales breakdowns” and provide users with the right information. They let you analyze your customers’ sentiment by evaluating the content of their communications with you. They study patterns in customers’ so that you can upsell at the right place and right time.

These types of apps require special kinds of know-how, and we partner with Microsoft and leverage one of the tools, Azure AI to enable these types of intelligent experiences

Having the right skill-set

Most organizations believe that enabling artificial intelligence requires building out internal teams of data scientists & AI experts. It’s simpler than that.

Find out how

We take a methodical approach to enabling artificial intelligence within a brand’s digital experience



Inventorying which experiences (customer or employee) have the most to gain from using AI


Outlining AI techniques such as natural language & computer vision to augment an experience


Rapidly building proofs-of-concept that show the AI-infused experience in action


Evaluating the net delta increase in either customer satisfaction or employee productivity


Scaling the proof-of-concept to realize gains from a cognitive experience to the customer-base

Cognitive Apps Move the Customer & Employee Experience Needle Forward

It’s simple to understand why AI is in vogue. In the simplest terms, the practical uses of AI reduce the friction between what a customer wants and what brands provide. The ability to intelligently predict what customers are going to buy next lets you personalize the method, manner & mode of engagement with them. And the ability to intelligently decrease your employee workload by automating manual tasks for them lets them focus on getting harder jobs done and putting new initiatives in place. To do this, however, is easier said than done. Artificial intelligence has a wide variety of use cases – but most businesses struggle with ways to use it effectively.

This is where Icreon’s AI planning team comes into play. Because we’ve worked with a number of our own clients implementing AI to create cognitive applications of their own, we have a robust methodology for how and when to utilize AI. Our teams effectively analyze your digital ecosystem and systematically identify which parts of your ecosystem have the most room for dramatic improvements. From there – we set up robust proofs-of-concept to prove out our hypotheses on improving that application. In this way, we’ve turned building cognitive apps into a science, because not only do we assess which applications have room to improve, we can build atop what your business already has, rather than starting from scratch.

food for thought

Infusing experiences with ‘artificially intelligent’ capabilities has proven to be the single greatest way to increase customer delight and satisfaction

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