Sabon began in Tel Aviv, when two young visionaries discovered a trove of herb- and flora-based ancient aboriginal recipes and began using them to craft therapeutic soaps. Combining their creativity with a passion for the liberating fragrances of nature, they expanded upon their soap line to include a multitude of nature-infused home and body products. Today, Sabon is an international bath and body conglomerate with 130 stores worldwide.

The Challenge

Sabon was seeking a partner that would be able to maintain, upgrade and improve their digital sales processes within their existing Magento platform. Coming from a third party vendor, Sabon did not control the application's existing server, which would require a

massive data migration. Moreover, Sabon was looking for a full redesign of the web application to include new functionalities on the back- and front ends that would allow entering new product SKUs, product returns and ad content delivery to be automated.

The Analysis

Without control of the existing server, Icreon conducted a strategic data migration to a new server. Then, delivering on the requested functionalities

for the application, Icreon integrated third party systems, as well as other existing systems, into the current Magento platform to create a centralized backend.

Sabon Ecommerce Development
Sabon Website Development
With so many different lines of products, it was important to create a backend with easy content upload and proper tagging tools. This, combined with our easy return system makes the buying process as simple as ever.
Icreon worked rapidly to migrate all of Sabon's data to a new server within a tight timeline. To automate processes such as product returns, entering new product SKUs and ad content management, Icreon integrated multiple third party systems - including UPS Returns Label and Dynamic Yield
Platform - into Sabon's existing Magento backend. With so many different lines of products, Icreon developed a backend system with easy content upload and proper tagging tools allowing users to filter products down to exactly what they’re looking for.
  • Magento eCommerce
  • PHP Development
Key Features

    The return process is completely automated and integrated with UPS return label extension, allowing users to return single, or multiple items at a time.


    With a completely re-organized product categorization, users can filter products down to their exact needs.


    A conversion-focused banner management system that continuously shows top performing ads.


    Using the current location ID of the user, the nearest two stores are always displayed for the user's convenience.