Founded in 1978, Shleppers began its business with a single truck, and has now grown into one of New York City's largest moving companies. The business offers a wide array of shipping, moving and storage services for residential, commercial & international transport. With this comes managing a massive fleet of drivers, large-class vehicles and valuable customer inventory.

Our Work

Icreon worked with the leadership teams at Shleppers on multiple fronts to help the business

take innovative business ideas and generate technologies that could support their vision.

An IT Audit & Assessment

Enterprise applications that handle millions of dollars in business can’t afford to fail. After working together with senior Shleppers leadership, we inherited a large legacy codebase that was used to carry out daily operations. Icreon put together a

team to do a full review of the application from a functional and technical perspective to highlight key vulnerabilities, outline potential points of failure, and give insight into areas of software optimization.

Strategic Software Roadmapping

Beyond analyzing an existing codebase, Icreon worked in conjunction with multiple vendors to lead the build out of new initiatives for the platform.

This included assessing Shleppers' core reporting engine. It also included rethinking the entire infrastructure setup to avoid potential software failures.

Application Development
Beyond providing critical technology strategy & support, a separate Icreon team worked on maintaining, updating, and developing on top of the existing Shleppers’ code base. This work included working
iteratively to ensure the application was fully operational during peak periods. Ultimately, we worked in concert to eventually migrate the project over to Shleppers’ in-house development team.
  • PHP Development
  • Yii
  • MySQL Database