SiteCompli is the largest provider of compliance information to large-scale real estate owners and property managers in New York. Today, more than 60 percent of all building managers in New York use SiteCompli. They use it to track their various building compliance issues, from court orders and government fines to building violations and damaged property.

The Challenge

SiteCompli came to Icreon in 2010 to build the company's technology from the ground up. The company cofounders realized a huge gap in the commercial real-estate market: There is no single way for a building manager in New York to see all compliance related issues

for their buildings. Local government agencies like the DOT, FDNY, DEP, HPD & ECB separately produce complaints, warnings, fines, and court hearings on real estate matters, making it impossible to track the various compliance issues with a building.

The Analysis

SiteCompli worked with Icreon to define an approach to tackling this problem. Property managers in New York transact tens of millions of dollars. To make sure that property managers are up to date with their

compliance expenses, we worked on the idea of scraping engine that would dynamically fetch data from government websites and create real-time compliance dashboards.

The application has been iteratively developed as one of the most successful real estate products in the US. It's built on PHP using the Zend framework and sits atop AWS in a secure, scalable cloud environment. The backend also parses through
terabytes of data, leveraging Python and MongoDB to help generate customizable scheduled and ad hoc reports for users. We also implemented an advanced search engine built on Sphinx for faster and more reliable indexing.
  • PHP Development
  • MySQL Database
  • Python Development
  • HTML5
Key Features
  • A Robust Permissions Layer

    Support for multi-level users to easily manage dozens or hundreds of properties in one go.

  • Semantic Data Scraper

    Daily monitoring of new real-estate information that is inserted into the Sitecompli Database.

  • Robust Reporting Features

    Self-service analytics tool for property managers to create one-time or recurring property reports.

  • Workflow Automation

    Intuitive actions to allow property managers to fix building violations with Sitecompli's Work Order tool.