In 1982, President Ronald Reagan requested a concerted effort from a private sector to raise funds for the restoration and preservation of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Soon after, the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation (SOLEIF) was founded. With over 51 Million immigration records, SOLEIF serves as the foremost gateway for the US immigrant experience.

The Challenge

With disparate sources of information spread out across 6 individual websites and a database that contains 51 million immigration records, SOLEIF was looking for a robust system to manage their entire operations under a single instance. From content and donation management, to managing leads and donor data, to e-commerce transactions – the foundation wanted a seamless flow of information

across various systems and solutions. Moreover, they wanted to integrate their digital presence with physical kiosk systems located on Ellis Island to promote interactivity and engagement. The end goal was to generate long-term interest and increased funds for the Foundation. Operating on a cloud server with multiple physical locations, the data needed to sync on all servers in real time.

The Analysis

Due to the complexity and scalability of the entire system, there was no specific third party technology that mapped to a solution. The technology would be need to built from the ground up. To effectively capture and manage donors and leads, integrate the POS system,

and host a database of 51 million records, the information would need to flow seamlessly into a single backend. To allows users to feasibly make donations, purchase records and buy souvenirs, a single public-facing website would be required.

NYRR Web Development
NYRR Software Development
The backend seamlessly flows information from multiple systems including donor and content management, e-commerce, and POS transactions into a single platform.
Utilizing the latest in PHP, Icreon built the technology from the ground up. SOLEIF can efficiently manage assets and donors, passenger database, e-commerce transactions, and much more from a single backend. The public facing site allows users to direct purchase records, make donations, and search the database.
With such a complex search process, the database is spread out across 3 separate servers: web, DB, and sphinx. The indexing storage rests on the local server, with the details located directly in the database. All three servers are seamlessly integrated and information is updated in real time.
  • PHP Development
  • MySQL Database
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
Key Features
  • Physical Kiosks

    Make donations, get digital certifications, and search through 51 million records with physical kiosks located on Ellis Island.

  • Complex Search

    With 51 million records to host and parse through, the search server architecture is spread across a web, DB and sphinx architecture.

  • Purchase Records

    Users can directly purchase immigration records from the website with the option of both digital, and physical copies.

  • Robust Ecommerce System

    In addition to purchasing records, SOLEIF has a robust e-commerce system where users can purchase SOLEIF souveneirs and products directly from the website.