UX Specialized Logistics, also known as XPO, is one of the largest ground courier and logistics companies in the US. Founded in 1979, the company started out as a bike messenger & bike courier service for New York. Over the years, the company has expanded tremendously, providing an innovative number of professional services to corporate clientele, such as warehousing, assembly & repair for businesses.

Our Work

XPO, through hands-on executive leadership, has grown into a highly versatile, distributed company. By pivoting into a wide array of services, the company has expanded across North America rapidly,

creating a large need for strong technology systems that speak together to help thousands of employees, drivers & technicians get jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Application Maintenance

One of XPO's major business systems required ongoing maintenance. The system, built from scratch, handled one of the company’s fastest growing operations. Beyond just providing

end-to-end support for the application, the Icreon team leveraged its local presence, meeting with key team leaders on short notice, at the company’s Manhattan headquarters.

Strategic Advisory

Because of the businesses ability to rapidly innovate and expand, senior leadership realized the need for strong technology advisory. Our team at Icreon worked with management, IT leaders, and key ops teams to define long-term solutions

to handle the new business growth. We conducted a detailed needs analysis and technology roadmap in conjunction with the business to co-define UXLs superiority in the 3PL technology space.

Application Systems Integration
XPO works with the likes of Ikea, Home Depot, Toy-R-Us, Babies-R-Us, The Sports Authority, Crate & Barrel &a dozen other big businesses supporting their major logistics needs. UXLs Technology Integration kit, which we've
worked on, is able to connect through EDI, FTP, and mutually developed APIs to other software, allowing the XPO and their clients to seamlessly share, edit & rapidly distribute tasks for new work that needs to be done.
  • Java
  • .NET Certified
  • Python Development
  • Mongo Database